2014 Exhibitors


Music first.

Ada County, City of Boise & Republic Services.



Altenergy Incorporated can design and install a solar energy system that works for you. Let us show you how the benefits of solar electricity could work in your home or business, and how our customers and the environment are realizing the benefits of renewable energy systems.

We have the experience to build robust systems that are practically maintenance free, and will add value to your home and lifestyle immediately, while saving money and reducing your energy consumption over the long term.

Art Party

We are about Boise, community, and everything else there is to love about the City of Trees.  We are supporting and growing the local economy through grassroots efforts and working in cooperation with other awesome, locally owned businesses, including buying as many USA made supplies as locally as possible.  We are bringing art’s many forms and the power of creation into the homes, lives, and hands of everyone.  We are making art easy, accessible, and educational.

Aurora Power & Design – MAKING IT HAPPEN SPONSOR

Whether your needs include on-grid/off grid solar, wind, solar hot water, hydro power, natural geothermal hot water, bio-diesel, or natural gas/propane generator backup power systems, Aurora Power & Design has both the expertise and experience to provide the right energy solution for you. With over 6,000+ alternative energy systems designed and installed since 1985, our extensive background makes us uniquely qualified to evaluate potential energy sources and make recommendations for the most cost-effective approach to power generation for virtually any application.

Backcountry Pursuit

Backcountry Pursuit recycles Outdoor Adventure Gear.  We find unwanted and unused gear a new home. This gear is so well made that it has a lot of life left to give after somebody has outgrown or upgraded it. Backcountry Pursuit is here to recycle that gear and find it a new home.  We are as local as it gets.  Our inventory comes from you.  It gets sold to folks in the Boise community.  The money made from selling this gear goes to the person that brought it in, as well as supports the store and its employees.  Backcountry Pursuit.  YOUR Place to Recycle Outdoor Adventure Gear!

Big Twin Motorcycles and Blue Lightning LLC

We sell motorcycles. Our line of Zero electric motorcycles provides a low-carbon and non-gas powered alternative to transportation. Zero motorcycles are manufactured in the USA and are built from 90% recyclable materials. Motorcycles in general are much more fuel efficient than automobiles, use fewer resources to construct and because there are fewer parts that wear out, contribute less to the waste stream.  This is even more true for electric motorcycles.  The team at Big Twin Motorcycles believes in promoting efficient transportation and sustainability in all aspects of our operation. We offer local consumers a clean, efficient and viable alternative to gas fired vehicles.

Solar by Blue Lightning can be the answer to your energy needs! Blue Lightning offers inexpensive, attractive solutions to your heating and electrical needs:
• A solar greenhouse will allow you to grow vegetables and flowers year round and produce electricity
• A carport with a glass roof that generates electricity for any vehicle and sends the extra to the Power Company adding to your energy credits
• A glass gazebo roof that lets light through and generates heat and electricity for your hot tub or pool
•  A glass shop roof that allows natural light in during the day, as well as producing all the needed electricity for your home or business
You should choose Blue Lightning because we build your dream from steel and materials that will last a lifetime!

Bittercreek Alehouse - Building Community Sponsor

Bittercreek Alehouse strives to be a thoughtful member of a sustainable culture by engaging in utility efficiencies, worm composting, sincere community building, and obsession with our food foot print.

Blue Cloud Goods

A locally designed/produced clothing company for the family, with a focus on original designs manifested in hemp, organic and natural fibers.

BoDo Chiropractic

We are what we like to call “New age” Chiropractors :) We work with energy, breathwork, and specific and gentle spinal and whole body adjustments. At heart we are “hippies” all natural green people. We provide holistic healthcare as green as possible. We use cloth face clothes in lieu of paper, we recycle, and what we do is all natural! I realize we don’t sell a green product, but our service connects individuals to themselves and the universe therefore promoting wellness on all fronts.

Boise Bike Share/Valley Ride - Building Community Sponsor

Boise Bike Share in a new on-demand transit alternative that will launch sometime during the summer of 2014. In concert with Valley Ride, the community’s transit provider, Boise Bike Share and mass transit can provide users a seamless and environmentally-friendly way of getting from home to office and back. And once in the downtown area, bike share provides emissions-free transportation for meetings and errands.


Our Vision: The Boise Co-op is an organization that continually sets the standard for building and maintaining a sustainable community.
Our Mission: The Boise Co-op is a customer driven organization that assembles the best people and resources to deliver the finest sustainable and specialty products to the community.

Boise EcoVillage Project

We are a group of local people who are coming together to create an EcoVillage in the Treasure Valley. We wish to produce much of our own food (permaculture food forests, organic gardens, orchards, greenhouses, aquaculture, etc). We wish to build using principles of green architecture and natural building (passive solar, earthships, cal-earth domes, geodesic domes, strawbale, tiny homes, etc). We wish to utilize sustainable/renewable energy sources. We wish to be a demonstration site and education center, and a place to hold workshops and retreats. We wish to be an incubator for sustainable businesses. We wish to live in peace and harmony with the earth and with each other.

Boise Urban Garden School (BUGS)

The Boise Urban Garden School (BUGS) is a specialized, inquiry-based education organization that utilizes an organic garden as the foundation for experiential environmentally based learning opportunities. Our mission is to grow healthy communities and inquiring minds. We work to accomplish our mission by offering hands-on, real-life experiences that allows youth to understand the science behind gardening, how to grow healthy foods and prepare healthy meals, and how to be an environmental steward through organic gardening practices.

Boise Therapeutic Massage Center

Boise Therapeutic Massage is all about preventative and holistic therapies. We are a local, family owned and operated small business located in Boise.


Idaho’s only alternative weekly newspaper.

Carp Solutions

Carp Solutions LLC is a brand new local company making Carpe Carpum (Seize the Carp) liquid fertilizer from whole invasive carp, a local input for local foods. Finding an economically viable use for an invasive species like European carp is great for our planet.  Our beneficial fertilizer is approved for organic production by the Idaho Department of Agriculture and is great for your garden and farm.  Our mission: Make beneficial organic fertilizer out of so many invasive carp that native plants and critters in our local watersheds are restored; especially trout and baby ducks. Carpe carpum!

Cedar Cold Frames

Our mission is to bring people closer to their food and depend less on mass production. With our cold frame, gardeners can extend their growing season in the spring and fall. Cold hardy crops can be taken all the way through the winter.

College of Southern Idaho – Environmental Technology - MAKING IT HAPPEN SPONSOR

Join the emerging green energy revolution. Green collar jobs are rapidly making their way into the mainstream workforce. Whether you are interested in helping curb our appetite for foreign-produced oil, reducing your carbon footprint, gaining energy independence, or just think the technology is exciting – You are at the right place! The Environmental Technology program provides a broad curriculum in industrial electrical systems, co-generation, water resource management, solar, fuel cells, and the development of a skill set to position someone for a variety of jobs that are anticipated with the emergence of the green collar economy.

Conservation Voters for Idaho

We work within the political environment in communities to make green ideas political realities.

CP Audio

Pro audio & DJ sales & rentals of new & used sound, lighting, video gear

DoTERRA Wellness Advocate

I am a wellness advocate for doTERRA. I help people take control of their own healthcare using CPTG essential oils and organic natural supplements. We are helping to reduce the toxic load in the environment by empowering people to use natural alternatives to the synthetic and harmful drugs that prevail in Western Healthcare and ultimately end up in our water and soil. We promote a truly universal healthcare system that is sustainable and available to all.

Dunia Marketplace

Dunia Marketplace is a 501(c)(3) non-profit job creation program with a retail fair trade store that sells handicrafts from unemployed and underemployed individuals and groups. The programs and projects originate both domestically and internationally. Local projects include Usful Glass, Artisans for Hope, Global Gardens and Full Circle Exchange. International vendors include Ten Thousand Villages, Serrv and Ganesh Himal.

Ethos Design + Remodel

Ethos Design+Remodel (formerly Desiderata Interiors)is an environmentally conscientious design & remodel company with a background in green products and community activism. We strive to educate our clients about the pros and cons of green & non-green materials used in remodeling so they may make the best possible choice for themselves, their family and the lifetime of the products and their impact on the environment cradle to cradle. Ethos Design+Remodel has a strong sense of obligation to be involved in local community taking advantage of the opportunity to make stronger impacts in development and community building as a local company.


Eye Open Network is the master behind the Idaho Green Fest’s electronic program guide and related promotion! Saving paper and resources while integrating the newest high tech services into advertising is so valuable to a sustainable business community.

Foot Dynamics

Foot Dynamics is a comfort shoe store and foot orthotics lab/clinic. We specialize in treating common foot pain and keeping people on their feet and active. We believe that the key to longevity is activity and that pedestrian travel is the most environmentally friendly of all.

Freer Organics

Freer Organics is in engaged in vermicomposting production and organic tea extracts for fertilization in the state of Idaho. The Freer’s have a strong passion to do what it takes to recycle, reuse, and reduce waste in our community. We offer organic services to commercial, residential, and agricultural developments and use products and techniques that were used many centuries ago.

G&G Industries

G &G Industries manufactures and sells the Sunshine Clothesline, the original umbrella style clothes line. We have been selling to families in the USA for over 100 years and are coming to Idaho soon!  We build two sizes of outdoor clotheslines that are tough and are easy to use and last for many years.

Global Gardens

Global Gardens is a program through the Idaho Office for Refugees that offers mentorship, training, and supplies to refugee farmers in Boise. Farmers are taught and required to use organic farming methods.

Green Tech of Boise

Green Tech of Boise is a green technology health and wellness company. We offer a unique technology based solution to many of your health and wellness needs. Our Green Technology Products include: FreshAir: Air Purification systems (3000 sqft, 1500 sqft, or personal devices); LaundryPure: Laundry attachment allowing you to wash your clothes with out any hot water, detergents, bleaches or dryer sheets, based on earth-friendly science and technology; and SteadyPower: Whole home surge protection and A/C power correction. Conserve Energy, Save Money and Protect your Appliances.

Happy Family Organic Superfoods

After watching a friend struggle to find healthy food options for her baby (that didn’t involve hours of slaving away in the kitchen), Shazi came up with the idea for Happy Family. What began as Happy Baby (a minimally processed frozen, organic alternative to baby food in a jar) has since grown into a comprehensive line of products for the whole family. Today, Happy Family provides organic foods for babies, toddlers, kids, and even adults! It’s delicious, convenient and made with a mother’s touch for all ages, all stages. What could be happier than that?

Idaho’s Bounty

Idaho’s Bounty connects local food products, grown and made in Southern Idaho, to the public. We are the logistics behind farm to table. Our mission is to promote a local, sustainable food system that ensures safe, consistent, fresh, and ethically produced direct from our producers. Almost every penny spent at Idaho’s Bounty stays within the local economy. The majority pays local farmers for their goods, and the rest pays for local people to drive trucks and make sales. We want to show the attendees at the Idaho Green Fest how easy and accessibly buying local can be. We also want to show them some of the beautiful produce popping out of the ground right now, and help them sign up to buy local food through our online farmer’s market!

Idaho Center for Sustainable Agriculture – WALK THE TALK SPONSOR

The Idaho Center for Sustainable Agriculture (ICSA) is a 501(c)(3) organization formed to promote local and sustainable food communities through research, collaboration with farmers, and the expansion of local food distribution.

Idaho Forest Products Commission

The Idaho Forest Products Commission is a state agency that provides information and education programs about Idaho’s forests. Our main focus at the Idaho Green will be on reforestation, forest renewability and sustainability and Life-Cycle-Analysis of wood products.

Idaho Smart Growth

www.facebook.com/ IdahoSmartGrowth
Idaho Smart Growth brings people together to create great places to live. Smart growth is having housing and transportation choices near jobs, shops, and schools. This approach builds community, supports local economies, and protects the environment.

Indie Hemp Works & Handy Antler Art

Art and jewelry here!  Indie Hemp Works’ mission is: “Ecology is Economy. Make a Statement. Hemp Works..”  Handy Antler Art turns Idaho’s best natural resources into one of a kind wearable art. Set intention and love in each piece makes this art to cherish for a lifetime.

Indigo Moons & Rose Hill Herb Co.

Indigo Moons creates jewelry and clothing from recycled materials. 90% of the materials used to make our products come from reclaimed items found at estate sales, thrift stores or discarded items.  Check out these items in the Idaho Green Fest Fashion Show!  Rose Hill Herb Company creates body products that utilize herbs that are grown and harvested locally.  Our products consist of soaps, salves, tinctures and other items that are made locally in small batches.


Kelsey Jae Nunez LLC provides legal and policy counsel to small business entrepreneurs and nonprofit organizations engaged in sustainable business and community building ventures; builds community through production and execution of community events; and provides educational opportunities in a wide variety of areas.  At its core, Kelsey Jae Nunez LLC is focused on helping awesome people do awesome things!

MK Nature Center

The MK Nature Center offers a unique nature experience on a 4.6 acre site along the Boise River Greenbelt. The Streamwalk and Visitors Center provide a glimpse of Idaho’s many native ecosystems and wildlife. Underwater viewing windows along the Streamwalk give visitors a fish-eye view of the world. The mission of the MK Nature Center is “to inspire love, appreciation, and stewardship of our natural world”. We strive to fulfill this mission by being an accessible, free of cost, and educational nature destination in the heart of the capital city. The MK Nature Center Streamwalk is open dawn until dusk every day of the year.

Mommy’s Club

Mommy’s Club, a division of Healthy Home Corporation, is a company that sells certified non-toxic, organic products, along with vitamins that are free of gluten and GMOs. All of our products are made in the USA and promote non toxic-living. Right now we have cleaners, soaps, lotions, baby products and vitamins. We just launched last month and will have a pet product line as well by this show. There is much more information on our website- including certifications that our products are: Organic, Toxic Free, Made in the USA, BPA Free, Vegan, Non GMO and Cruelty Free. More info on how to shop toxic free (or make your home more toxic free), contact: Brianna Walter - www.mommysclub.com/besafe or Carina Davio - www.mommysclub.com/bewell

North End Organic Nursery (NEON) - MAKING IT HAPPEN SPONSOR

The Northwest only all-organic nursery and garden center specializing in Organic- Non-GMO seeds, organic soils, pest and weed controls as well as native, xeric and edible landscape and garden plants!

New Details Design

The masters behind the Idaho Green Fest website, New Details Design is all about hi-quality designs  and websites at an affordable level!

Passion Provokers

Passion Provokers fights for relationships that last, and relationships are green, renewable and worthwhile. Better leaders of green organizations leads to better community.

Proof Eyewear

Proof got its start in a garage in Eagle, Idaho in 2010. The founders, 3 brothers, grew Proof to an internationally known brand that is loved the world over. The roots of Proof begin with the founders’ Grandpa Bud. He opened his small sawmill almost 60 years ago. Despite setbacks, Bud’s small business was able to prosper with a lot of hard work and tenacity; he eventually grew that small sawmill into a nationally recognized company. Bud’s work ethic was instilled in Proof’s founders, they grew up with “sawdust in their veins” working with wood in the mill. They pride themselves on providing original products that are handcrafted from sustainable materials. Proof Eyewear continues to innovate providing a wide variety of products that aren’t just environmentally friendly, but unique and original. Proof-Crafted from the Ground Up.


Radio Boise is a community radio station. Our volunteer programmers strive to provide quality local programming for the wide range of people and communities in our listening area who are not satisfied by existing media outlets.

Renewable Energy NW LLC

RENW uses evacuated tube technology to capture the radiation from the sun and put that to use heating the water for your home or business. We also specialize in space heating applications using Solar Thermal as the heat source. For space heating we use radiant floor systems, modern radiators that wall mount, water to air heat exchangers in the forced air furnace and hydronic towel racks.

Retro Hunny

Retro Hunny is a Boise Idaho business serving anyone interested in the retro lifestyle. We make vintage inspired, handmade Pin-up/Rockabilly clothing. Some designs utilize new fabric and some utilize vintage upcycled fabrics. We accommodate all sizes, all ages, and both men and women’s fashion. We also do pinup seminars/parties where you can learn about pinup fashion, hair, and makeup along with retro consultations for photo shoots.


Sage & Wellness offers mind-body health through dynamic movement, meditation, and bodywork. You will leave each session feeling invigorated yet calm, centered in your truth and ignited on all levels of your being. Whether you are a beginning student establishing a footing or an experienced student with a deeper practice, Sage Yoga & Wellness is the place to inspire your yoga journey.

Sector 17

We are an artist collective out of Boise, ID that was established in 2005. Originally based on graffiti, Sector has evolved in to a multi-faceted company that provides a diverse range of creative media.

Shangri-La Tea Room and Vegetarian Cafe

Shangri-La Tearoom and Vegetarian Cafe and Divine Lotus Tea co. are both dedicated to using natural, organic and local products where possible. We also work to enlighten our public on the importance of healthy eating and healthy community attitude.

Snake River Alliance & Idaho Sierra Club

The Snake River Alliance serves as Idaho’s nuclear watchdog and Idaho’s advocate for renewable and nuclear-free energy. We raise community awareness about the dangers of nuclear waste, weapons and power while working to identify and promote sustainable alternatives. We do our work through advocacy, collaboration, education and grassroots organizing.

The Idaho Sierra Club is a member-supported non-profit organization working to promote the conservation of Idaho’s natural environment and climate by influencing public policy decisions through grassroots involvement.


SIBBZ is a Boise Idaho based custom longboard and skateboard company. Established in 2010, Sibbz boards are out to revolutionize the longboard industry. Rider created and crafted gives SIBBZ boards unmatchable product design. SIBBZ signature handles and grabs and original artwork allow every SIBBZ board to make an individual statement. SIBBZ environmentally friendly products are hand crafted out of one of the worlds most renewable resources, bamboo. SIBBZ: Changing the extreme sports world one board at a time.


Site Based Energy, LLC. (SBE)  is a full service energy management and renewable energy engineering, procurement and construction firm with over 45 years in combined experience in energy business and construction.  SBE provides a broad range of comprehensive energy solutions including design and implementation of energy savings projects, energy infrastructure, power generation and energy supply.  SBE performs in-depth project analysis, designs energy solutions, installs designed systems, and maintains systems to ensure energy savings during the payback period.  Our primary market sectors include: agricultural, industrial, municipal, commercial, institutional and hospitality.

Solar Cascade

SolarCascade works with homeowners and businesses to deliver a complete package of sustainable energy solutions. We often first recommend installing a solar hot water system, using LED lighting, and adding insulation and ventilation to reduce power needs. We specialize in the design and installation of solar electric systems that can offset or eliminate electric bills, as well as systems with battery backup and standalone systems for delivering dependable electricity off the grid. We have been engineering and installing solar since 1978.

Solar Concepts

We are The Premier Solatube Dealer for Southwestern Idaho, as well as the certified Dealers for Indow Windows and Quiet Cool Whole House Fans. These enable us to reduce the amount that people will spend on Lighting, as well as heating and cooling their home.


Creating community creativity through live music, arts and entertainment is the mission of the locally owned and operated music booking, event planning and marketing firm, TO Entertain U, LLC.  As a fifth generation Idahoan, the companies owner Seth Brown is an avid outdoor enthusiast and is always doing what he can to help promote a cleaner, greener environment and community.  TO Entertain U is one of the major sponsors and entities responsible for making the Idaho Green fest possible.

Treasure Valley Clean Cities Coalition

The Treasure Valley Clean Cities coalition promotes reducing petroleum fuel use in vehicles by using alternative fuels, reducing vehicle miles traveled, and increasing fuel efficiency. Goals: reduce vehicle emissions and dependancy on imported petroleum fuel and develop the domestic economy.

Treasure Valley Cycling Alliance

TVCA is a unified voice promoting cycling in southern Idaho’s Treasure Valley. Whether you are a weekend cruiser or a daily commuter—we’re working to enhance everyone’s cycling experience.  The TVCA will be hosting the bike corral!


A community lifestyle magazine serving the Treasure Valley.

US Green Building Council – Idaho Chapter


  • Mission Statement: Accelerate the implementation of sustainable building concepts, technologies and practices through education and advocacy.
  • Vision Statement: We envision a healthy future through the promotion and application of sustainable strategies to the built environment.

Vertical Aeroponic Growing System

We offer a vertical Aeroponic growing system. This Aeroponic garden utilizes 90% less water & land than a traditional garden. It uses ionic earth minerals for food and does not need to use herbicides or pesticides. It is made from food grade plastic & is UV protected. This Aeroponic garden will last for years, thus saving not only money, and time, but also natural resources such as water and soil usage. This Aeroponic garden recycles 100% of its water and nutrients & requires no soil, so weeds and ground pests are not a problem. Because of its size & the simplicity of the growing process, families, restaurants, and organizations such as schools, retirement centers, etc. can grow nutritionally dense foods in their own backyard, balcony, or facility. Growing using this Aeroponic growing system for a family or in a classroom is a natural way to educate children on healthy eating and sustainable gardening by promoting the use of less water, not over planting our soil and recycling our resources . . It leaves fewer carbon footprints as this eliminates the need to ship and store produce.

West End Food Park

Boise needs a more permanent home for the many food trucks that have sprung up here in recent years and the West End of Boise is an ideal location where food trucks and people can come together to enhance the neighborhood and form a new community. People in Boise want a place where they can experience unique food and drink, see live performances, pick up local fresh produce, have a picnic, laugh with their coworkers, throw horseshoes, and pick out a Christmas tree or pumpkins during the holidays. The WEFP answers all of those needs.

The West End Food Park is a project that is on Kickstarter now. Here is a link to the project: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2138950445/west-end-food-park

Funds raised with Kickstarter will be used to purchase community infrastructure to make the food park a better place to sit, relax, and eat great food in Boise.

Western Energy & American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association (ARCSA)

Western Energy is a distributor for solar electric power & heating, water conservation & harvesting equipment. We will be sharing our booth with ARCSA (American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association), which promotes sustainable rainwater harvesting practices to help solve potable, non-potable, stormwater and energy challenges throughout the world.

World Day of Metta

The World Day of Metta’s mission is to create a change in the climate of global consciousness so that the basic needs of ALL beings may be met. Though a simple 8 line statement, The Metta has incredible social and ecological implications. This is a movement that started in Boise but is aiming for a global wave. On March 22nd, 2014 we celebrated the 2nd annual WDOM and there were 15 events hosted internationally and dozens across the country. We recently joined hands with UNIFY and are participating in the present “Wave Of Action”.  We know that principles of true sustainability, change in social structures, and lasting ecological action are based on the fundamental change of worldview and consciousness. If each line of the Metta is actualized, Earth and all inhabitants will be at peace and in balance. We aim to say the Metta 7 billion times (1X for each person on the planet) and promote the Metta as the central tenet by which individuals and leaders can make their decisions.

The Metta
May all beings have fresh air to breathe
May all beings have clean water to drink May all beings have food to eat
May all beings have a home
May all beings have someone to share love with
May all beings know their true purpose May all beings be well and happy
May all beings be free from suffering. Today I will do what I can to make this so!