551470_825192451074_311542718_nThe Idaho Green Fest cannot happen without the support of SPONSORING organizations.

Sponsorship is a great opportunity to make a widely advertised, public statement that you are committed to the sustainability of our local and national community and that you take an active role in bringing people together to celebrate what we have and learn how we can do better!

We are looking for companies and individuals that are currently engaged in, or actively working towards engagement in, the following sustainability ventures:
• Energy efficiency / renewable energy
• Conservation / protection of natural resources
• Products that are less toxic/plant-based/recycled/reusable
• Locally or regionally produced goods
• Goods and services with organic/sustainable credentialing (i.e. USDA Organic, Energy Star, Fair Trade, FSC, Food Alliance, LEED, Green-e, Non-GMO, etc.)
• Waste reduction and recycling/repurposing
• Education and promotion of environmental values

The SPONSORSHIP APPLICATION has more information about the various levels of sponsorship.

Please FILL OUT OUR ONLINE FORM, or Download the Sponsorship Application for More Info & to Sign Up: PDFWord Doc.

Thank you our amazing 2015 Sponsors who have already committed!
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